Happy Thanksgiving


Here is the schedule for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, November 14th. Tickets are $3.35 and can be purchased in the office or cafeteria. Please send a check, exact change or small bills. Our cafeteria ladies do an excellent job preparing a delicious meal! 

When you arrive at school, we will have you go to the common areas or the classrooms to wait for your child's class. If you have an older sibling, then one of our ambassadors will get the child to come eat with the younger sibling. 

This is a busy day for our cafeteria, but we are thrilled to have you come eat and we appreciate your patience. Happy Thanksgiving!

First Grade10:30-11:15
Second Grade11:15-12:00
Third Grade11:45-12:15
Fourth Grade12:15-12:45
Fifth Grade12:45-1:15